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 January 22

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PostSubject: January 22   Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:37 am

Lucrezia is back. She can shape shift, and her cells can mutate to respond to, create defenses and perhaps a counter attack to any magic she is exposed to once. She has slept with Zechs twice, and has transferred Tessa to her offices.

The dragon Kings are still around, though the women are all back. We need to work on Mei and Lucivar, Serenity and Salem (thus roslyn) Cyan is still Nataku, Run and LeiLei.. Aili and Syn slept together and are back together in the same house. We need to work on Mei and her baby to be born as well.

Sydney and Davar.. davar and Lee. Davar and Dominic.

Lorelai and Gabriel, and Lorelai's new entrance in to the district makes Dominic regain certain memories.

ANything else please fele free to add!
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January 22
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