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 October 14th

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PostSubject: October 14th   Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:19 am

Lorelai and Gwyn arrived back, they are both pregnant.

Jakub thought his father did it, after he caught him in bed with two girls. Stefan agreed to remove magic so Lorelai is not pregnant (to be done)

Jakub slept with Lorelai to comfort her, Dorian was somewhat pushing of this with Lorelai. He told Gwyn who became deeply saddened.

Lorelai got her jewel back (black) and is now a Queen. She compelled Jakub to sleep with her. Gwyn also got her black jewel back.

Lorelai invited Ceriden and Jakub back into her court, Soren accepted. DC has been staying at the castle.

Dorian and Jakub have issues, he threatened the safety of Gwyn.

We left Gwyn talking with Dominic about her issues with everything, he went off to find his father.
NOTE: Lorelai knows how to wake Jaenelle up, as part of her consciousness is in hell. She has killed her own mother and has taken over her citadel in hell.

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October 14th
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