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 08月 11日 2037年

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PostSubject: 08月 11日 2037年    Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:23 pm

Serenity is slowly recovering. Slowly being the operative term. She is no where near better, and to be honest I am not sure if she can ever fully recover. But, the steps are still occurring. She doesn't want anything to do with the children yet, but she has started to talk about them. I will never push them upon her, and if she wishes, she will never have to take care of them. Lee has had words with her much to my displeasure. I know he is trying to do right by her as a father, but he is just fucking with things. The Chinese have not been great men as fathers, and htough Lee was better he is no exception.

I jsut feel, so apart form Serenity still. Like I am losing her bit by bit. These powers consuming her are bringing her father away. Watching her with Cyan hurt, but I knew it was for her. I jsut.. I have a feeling he is not finished with her. He is too powerful for me to even think about fighting.. but I won't be that way for long. The powers in the Chinese family are becoming too great. There is no one and nothing left to fight them. To fight these Dragon Kings, we had to create the being Cyan is. Now who is left to fight him?

Maybe I am being over protective, but ever since my training in heaven has begun I know things. My Angelic knowledge just floods me at times. I know it is not over, far from it. I want to protect and love Serenity the best way I can. For now I will indulge her needs, be there to protect her and hold her, and to help her laugh. But I cannot and will not relinquish her ever again. I am prepared to kill for her. She may not know how I truly feel about her.. even with biting her she only feels so much from me. She doesn't know or understand that without her I am nothing.
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08月 11日 2037年
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