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 Stardate 2037.05.13

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PostSubject: Stardate 2037.05.13    Sat May 12, 2012 5:27 pm

Life continues to move at a steady pace, never caring about how hard and difficult it is for those living the days that push forward. Tessa and I are still doing..ok. Lucrezia dropped the bomb that she was pregnant with my child from those two nights we were together when she wove an illusion with magic. I .. I am upset that she is having a child.. but I am more worried abotu how Tessa feels. She should be excited abotu our child, and now the birth is clouded by the shadow of Lucrezia and her own child. I .. I cannot bring myself to call the child my own.. but do I abandon it? I already told Tessa I would.. but does this make me the father I was to Jeremy? Abandon my child to his or her twisted mother and raise my own child somewhere else? I know if this happens Lucrezia will use this fact to twist the child against me. I have already lost Jeremy to the past mistakes I have made.. I do not want to lose another child.

Tessa and I have moved into the district for now to help keep her and the child safer from Lucrezia. I do not know what has happened to her.. her heart is so bitter. She is merely a shell of the woman I knew.. and I do not know how to approach her any longer. Love is not a thing that exist between us anymore. As much as a part of me still holds a spot for her in my heart, I know it will never be as it was again. All I can do is protect the family I have now, protect my wife and child.

Life was simpler... so much simpler before.
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Stardate 2037.05.13
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