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 A new pet to play with...

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PostSubject: A new pet to play with...   Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:19 pm

Ah, Jeremy was so delicious to play with! I forget how delectable he can be. Such stubborn pride in him, makes it even more satisfying when he breaks and begs. It was well worth my trouble to retrieve Rye from Dorothea for 3 lovely weeks with Jeremy. So ironic that he is represented by a king piece, when I’m the real king. Its just really been a delightful week.

Jakob has still been seeing Lorlelei behind Gwynn’s back. It was such a lovely show to watch. And then Lucian decided to share with Gwynn, Jakob is magnificent when the fury consumes him. He suffers from the same dark obsessions I do. Gwynn is a good girl though. She sees him in a way that Kat was never able to see me. He worries too much about losing her. Silly boy doesn’t realize that in our family, property remains property. If she leaves him we will simply line all the little pawns up and knock them down like dominoes so she ends up back where she is supposed to be.

It certainly shall be fun to see how Jeremy fairs in Lorlelei’s court. I’ll have to visit him soon to keep the conditioning in place. Besides I got a pretty new collar for him and that compliments Lucian’s. So many people to see and so little time… ah it appears Lucian’s returned from hunting.
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A new pet to play with...
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