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 September 22nd

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PostSubject: September 22nd   Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:19 am

I came close to experiencing my first alternate Chinese timeline. Salem was pulled into the future, where the clan was stronger and had taken over. I was apparently quite the force to be reckoned with. He sent Dominic back with a ring for me. It was strange seeing that ring. Its not like its something I've seen before per se... but I never expected to recieve something from Salem that had Shenlong's symbol on it.

I wasn't sure what to think of it at first, it certainly made me curious about this potential future. I was worried for Salem while he was gone. He knows how to take care of himself but he isn't very versed in Chinese culture. When he got back he seemed more... emotional than general, relieved to see me. I was glad to see that he'd made it back in one piece. He told me that in the future he'd been dead for several years...

I can't imagine how that was for my other self. Salem is a very integral part of my life and an aspect that balances myself. It bothers me enough that I've strived not to think on it. He also told me that we, we became engaged. While he was telling me the story I could see how that just made him shine. You could see that the idea of it just had him near bursting. It turned out the ring he'd sent me, was something I'd given him. I offered to give him the ring back and he said I could keep it, maybe if it was what I wanted. It dawned on me then, that he wanted this. That the commitment of marraige had a great deal of meaning to him. Saying it like that makes it sounds as if I don't hold marriage in a high regard, which I do. I just hadn't really thought about it for myself at this point. But I knew it was the right course, I could see it in his face, feel the guidance from my other self.

I told him I'd like to keep the ring, if he let me. It was wonderful to watch the comprehension spread across his face. I felt so, free, saying that. Even though its not something I thought about I feel like this is right and meant for us. I love Salem and he loves me. It is the beginning and the end for us.
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September 22nd
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