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 Email to Jeremy

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PostSubject: Email to Jeremy   Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:40 pm


Perhaps any discussions we must have will best be conducted over email. From what you’ve said it seem like this way contact with me will be the least repulsive for you. I imagine you wonder why I’m writing at all. There are several things I’d like to tell you.

One: I’d like to apologize again for my reaction to the work load you placed on me. Spreading the scent throughout your office was a stupid and childish thing to do. Hopefully we may be able to work past the differences between us at some point in the future.

Two: I have some news to share that I’m sure you will hear about soon enough circulating around the base; Zechs and I are getting married. I imagine this makes me even more unappealing to you, please disregard and all communication from my mother. She will likely try to convince you into doing some Society thing, please just don’t kill her. You and Rye are of course invited to the wedding but I don’t expect to see you there. Either way, I’m still extending the invitation, family is family.

Three: Jeremy I don’t imagine you’ve really cared about anything I have said at this point. Our lives are not connected and will most likely remain they are. But you are Zechs’ son, so you deserve the whole story. I just recently found out I’m pregnant. I won’t begin to speculate about your reaction to the news, but I felt you deserved to know. In spite of our differences, I hope that my child will get to know their older half-brother.

Stay safe and in good health,

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Email to Jeremy
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