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 Changing relationships

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PostSubject: Changing relationships   Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:25 pm

The rage inside of me has subsided. Drinking Lee’s blood always has a calming effect on the other aspects of my life. I can’t believe I took Sydney with me to Christopher’s. It certainly was not how I planned to try and explain my relationship with them. Still having Sydney tell me she was pregnant with Ceriden’s child, I felt like my life had slipped into another nightmare. Instead of being joyful at the news of her pregnancy, knowing the baby was another man’s child killed me a little bit inside. How could she do this? I know there was no intention or malice behind it, but it still wounded so deeply. She is so very, very young.

Thank god she didn’t keep the child. I would have honored my word and helped her raise it, but when I watch her body ripen with child I want it to be mine. I want that fierce joy and satisfaction. It will happen, not now though, she’s not ready for that.

Sydney has had a taste of Lee now, although she doesn’t appear to suffer under the same affects I do. Still she understands it a little better, at least she knows that our relationship isn’t as sexual as she believed it was. God, tasting his blood while I was surrounded in Sydney’s scent and buried inside of her was the most erotic experience of my life. It was purely the pinnacle of pleasure in the Eiryan experience. Asking her to marry me afterwords was a simple decision. Although the setting wasn’t romantic, we were both in the right place for it. I think there isn’t any other way she would have stopped thinking I was punishing her. Besides I can feel the primal beast in my soul settle a little more into contentment at the thought of having her as my wife. Sydney has been mine for a long time, but this level of open commitment, this is important.

Ceriden had better watch his step from now on.
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Changing relationships
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