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 Personal Log Entry 159

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PostSubject: Personal Log Entry 159   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:13 pm

I’ve been on my current mission for a few weeks now. It is by far the most fascinating one yet. I am living in the Winner District. It’s crazy how life throws curve balls like this. Having left the affluence of my family, I now find myself living in the most exclusive neighborhood in the world, surrounded by the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen.

It’s hard to describe the way people live here; it’s like living in a wild and wacky dream where anything and everything can happen. I seem to be immune to magic. So far everyone I’ve met has been fascinated by that. Of course I was also tricked and used to attack someone. I’ve learned quickly that my blood is a dangerous and precious commodity. Besides that though, people have been pretty friendly and easy going. I’ve even been to another world.

I love this world not only for the obvious (and superior) reason that women are in charge, but just because it’s a whole new culture to get to explore! Dominic has taken me to several museums and plays, which have all been wonderful. I really want to study the finer points of the artistic culture there.

Dominic… it’s hard to describe him in accurate words. First off he’s gorgeous, hot as all hell. Oh he cooks amazing food and pretty much insists on catering to me. Man he just makes me swoon. And even more miraculous, he’s never even dated anyone! I don’t know what’s wrong with women these days, in his world or mine, because he is a man that would never have to be single! Sydney warned me that he can be tentative, and he is about the most surprising things. Asking what we are to each other and worried about the label. I tried to tread lightly on that question. Dominic and I have a lot of fun together inside and outside of bed, I didn’t want to ruin that by telling him that so far our behavior would imply we are dating. Instead I was just more vague.

I really do like his company. And I like making him laugh. So many times he seems surprised at what comes out of my mouth. I’m still trying to figure out and understand the whole jeweled issue. I feel like I’m missing a good opportunity to push his buttons. Maybe I’ll have to figure out if my negating magic prevents me from having some of my own…I don’t know where it will end up going, but I have a good feeling about this I really do.

Note: Needless to say, Best Mission EVER!

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Log Entry 159   Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:47 pm

she is in heaven Smile
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Personal Log Entry 159
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