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 01月 19日 2038年

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PostSubject: 01月 19日 2038年    Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:08 am

What to say? I havent written in six years.. that is how long I have been gone from this place. There are really no words to describe what happened to me.. except that I was so alone. I had no one but Roslyn to talk to.. and over time, she pulled away from me due to her own grief and the pictures I paint in her head.

I do not blame her.. but I was so alone after that.. floating in this purgatory like place where I could only watch and never reach out to touch anyone.. Rosyln, my children, my fathers.. Serenity. Gods.. she was what kept me going. I knew that I would see her again, and that made me stay on the path as it were.

I honestly do not know where to start with things.. I was gone for so long, and yet so little and so much has changed all at once.

We are married. After a long , we tied the knot. To many district dwellers.. I dont think they appreciate the sanctity of marriage. But Serenity.. is the only woman for me. She will be the only woman I ever need in my life. My father left us.. my other father has many loves, Serenity's mother left her family..and she has children from a man who raped her.. I want to wash that away with the stability of us.. and of what we mean to one another.

I have taken her children as my own, and have vowed to do anything to help her. Though she doesnt come to me. She holds so much on her own shoulders.. I wonder if I am not strong enough for her. If she feels she must bear these wounds because they will fell me. I am not dark like Chris.. I am not fiery like Cyan, I am not strong like Davar, I am not powerful like Mikel.. I am me.. but the one thing I have that is more powerful than anything else is my love and devotion. I would do anything for her. I will never leave her side.

Serenity. I am yours..always shall be yours. Use me as you see fit to live, love, grow and change. I am your tool for survival. I am your key to life. I am your sword. I am your sheild. I am your shoudler to cry on. I am arms that will hold you tight no matter how broken you are. I am eyes that reflect you and our children with the truest devotion. I am the man who is nothing without you.

Shun has died by your hands.. as usual I could do naught but hold you after and celebrate in the afterglow of your victory. I am your shadow.. but that means I will always be with you, even if you cannot see me. We are extensions of one another.. and cannot be without.

I do not know where life is going to take us.. and I know by no means that the experience with Roslyn is over. But I know that there is one thing I want. HER. I want HER. SHE is all I need.
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PostSubject: Re: 01月 19日 2038年    Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:51 am

Awww! They are just so devoted to each other. I think the reason Rosalyn has never bothered serenity even if salem slept with her is because she knows it's not a threat at all. We really should have them talk more... rather serenity should talk more. She is more open with him than anyone else besides shenlong. Also I think she'd push salem to keep training with wufei. For whatever reason she feels like it's important for magical knowledge but also for him to know wufei
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01月 19日 2038年
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