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 At long last

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PostSubject: At long last    Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:12 pm

I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the last 48 hours. It has been an emotional roller coaster; learning what Stefan has been doing to Lily, giving her a glimpse of the darkness in me and then finally making her mine.


I feel a fierce satisfaction with that word. What I have always known to be true, since the first day I saw those violet eyes, the rest of the world now understands. Lily asking for my mark on her was a balm to the deep, jagged hole in my heart. Her name branded on my heart burns with every pulse, reminding me of its presence. And to mark her, brand her soul with my very essence, calms the beast that Stefan's actions raised. Still, that is not a finished piece of business. Stefan isn't the only one who can be a patient hunter and I know far more of his history than he thinks. His time of reckoning will come...

I don't know if Lily ever fully understood the extent of my feelings before tonight. That my love for her knows no bounds, that I would lay the world at her feet if she only asked. For the first time she saw the possessive rage that lives inside me. The demon bent on possessing her who cares for nothing else. She witnessed an appetizer as I tortured those men alive, drinking in their pain, blood and misery. Despite all the people in my life that I love, Lee, my children and friends, she finally has an inkling that I would sacrifice all of them for her.

This trading of brands hasn't extinguished the rage though. Lee and I will be going hunting soon enough. Lee, who is my brother, lover, friend and partner in crime, understands me better than anyone. Thank god he has always understood what Lily means to me. Besides her, he is the best thing in my life.

Still, despite the upcoming hunt and the lingering rage, I feel joyfully happy about this unexpected turn of events. Lily is showing the world what we mean to each other. She is forever mine in a way that can never be changed. Sometimes my visage for change is difficult, but this is one of those times that a change in my life has brought me unaccountable joy. I always have and always will love Lily Chang. She is mine and I am hers, from now through the end of eternity.
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At long last
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