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 Twilight Circle

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PostSubject: Twilight Circle   Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:09 pm

Twilight Circle is an ancient group that began as a counter movement to the uprising of supernatural beings and humans over the many years of history. Gatherings of creatures created sub groups of various races, including hunter organization charged with keeping the matter of supernatural begins under control. Witch hunts, religious wars, many things have come to be affiliated with the various warring groups of humans and non humans over time. Twilight Circe was a call to arms that focused on diplomatic relations and undertakings of various groups.

The symbol showcases the three branches of the organization, working together as a whole with their watchful eyes upon their own communities as well as the others.

Tier 1- Humans (enhanced and not)
Tier 2- Celestial Beings
Tier 3- Supernatural creatures

Who runs which Tier, and who are a part of this organization is yet to be known. Their current mission is monitoring the Winner District, which has been rising in power and upsetting the balance that they have tried to keep for centuries.



Arianna Winters

Connor O'Reilly

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Twilight Circle
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