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PostSubject: Witness    Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:46 pm

I’ve enjoyed getting to explore the gang house, and to meet my new “brothers” in arms. They tend to be focused on only a few things, food, booze and sex. Needless to say I feel like I fit in better here than I ever did at court. With these guys, I can seamlessly join a conversation, discuss the merits of one beer over another and brag about all the things I got to do to Avereigh’s tits. Despite the state of the house and the kitchen being a state Mom would throw a fit over, I like it here.

Soren left a few hours ago, called away to court. When he’s gone, I have this strange acute awareness of it in the back of my mind. Sometimes it feels like a countdown starts. That there is a finite amount of time that I can stand to have him gone, because if he’s gone past that invisible marker then I fall apart. I turn into this whining, needy little bitch. I hate it. I hate the way that I get so desperate for anything from him that my tongue shrivels up in my mouth and my entire body craves his touch. But even in saying I hate it, I know that’s not true. It’s just that when that period of time has passed, I lose any ability I might have had to contain myself.

I feel the want and need and craving all the time. Closing my eyes, I can remember the exact way his fingertips feel gliding down my sides, how that desperate need inside of me settles and chokes me all at once when he walks in the room, or the feel of his cock, leaking and swollen pushing past my lips and slowly bumping the back of my throat. Just thinking about it gives me chills and it takes an effort to push myself away from arousal. But sometimes it permeates my thoughts and if the craving gets bad enough being able to focus on Soren’s seed smeared all over my face helps me settle. God the feeling of it sliding across my skin and the explosion of flavor leaves me—


Startled out of my thoughts, I look towards DC.

“Are you ok? I said your name like five times and you weren’t responding.” Looking slightly concerned he drifted closer. Of course being inside a ten by ten room meant he couldn’t start very far away to begin with.

“Ya, I’m fine. So what’s up?” I’m suddenly conscious of how my cock is half hard and thankfully hidden from view inside my sweats. He’s staring at my face with some sort of indiscernible expression. Suddenly I can feel the familiar tightening in my belly, a tendril of anxiety curling through me. Shifting his gaze from my face to my eyes, “I wanted to let you know that most of the guys left on a long raid. We like to maintain the threat of expanding the territory so sometimes we do a raid a few territories away from ours, just to keep people on their toes.”

“You didn’t go with them?” As I asked his gaze drifted along my face again and I suddenly realized why he wouldn’t have gone. “You didn’t have to stay here with me DC. I’m more than capable of looking after myself.” Even I can hear the snap of my voice at the end, bitterness at this need for a babysitter leaking through.

Holding up his hands in mock surrender, DC shook his head slightly. “It’s not what you’re thinking Ceriden. I don’t ever go on these long raids. With everyone else gone, I hold down the fort. After all it wouldn’t look very good if someone took over our base while we were all on a raid.” Stripping out of his shirt, DC brushed past me towards the bathroom. “Look I’m going to clean up then crash, you might as well do the same.”

Staring at the door DC had vanished through, I could hear the pipes start to wheeze and the soft hiss of the shower. Glancing at the bed and my mattress on the floor I suddenly realized what I had ignored all day. DC was here last night. He saw me… He saw me begging Soren for more and how I worshipped his cock. Feeling the flush through his body, Ceriden quickly scrambled out of his clothes and under the covers on the mattress on the floor. Squeezing his eyes shut and burrowing in to the pillow to fight the flush on his body, he was suddenly full of smelling one the guys in the gang. Pulling back, he’d inhale the room's air deeply, sorting through the mingled scents in the air, focusing on pushing aside everything that wasn’t Soren. Ignoring the smells of the mattress was easy once he wasn’t pressing his face into it. Taking another breath, Ceriden accepted the fact that DC scent permeated the room and couldn’t be completely ignored while he focused on Soren.

Dropping the shield on his face, Ceriden trailed his fingertips along the splatters of dried cum on his face. Holding back the whine he could feel in his throat, Ceriden started focusing on his breathing. When he could focus long enough it always helped bring him back under control. Just as he started to regain a tenuous grasp on his control, DC’s sudden appearance in the doorway made him jump. He looked up at his brother’s lover and felt the traitorous blush rise on his cheeks again. Feeling DC’s gaze drift across his face, Ceriden suddenly realized those eyes were and had been tracing the same paths his fingertips had touched before. Flushed scarlet now, he dropped him eyes to the floor and felt his body tighten in response from that small measure of surrender.

“Do you need anything?”

To avoid any further eye contact, Ceriden shook his head slightly and settled as deeply into the covers as he could without being cut off from Soren’s scent. Hearing DC quietly moving around the room, Ceriden focused on some of Wufei’s meditation techniques forcing himself to sleep as quickly as possible.


The familiar feeling of holding back a scream woke him abruptly. Jerking up in bed, Ceriden could hear his harsh breathing as his body attempted to recover from the dream. Brushing the tears from his eyes and slowly unclenching his hands from the sheets, Ceriden tried to calm his racing heart.

“Do you normally have nightmares?” With a half shriek, half yell, Ceriden would whip around towards the bed and DC. Still speaking in the same soft tone, “Shhh its ok Ceriden. Nothing is going to come and get you.”

The sight of DC made Ceriden feel like he’d been punched. Following so closely on the heels of the nightmare, he could not follow or contain the emotions running through him. Fear, anxiety, desire, need, surrender, a tangled mess that spiraled on the focus of one name: Soren. Dropping his gaze and wrapping his arms around his knees, he’d huddle in on himself. Hearing the whine coming out of Ceriden’s throat, DC would shift as if to approach him. Flinching from the movement, Ceriden could sense DC suddenly become still.

“It’s ok Ceriden. I’m not going to touch you. Look I’m going to get out of bed, ok? Then you can lie here, where you can smell Soren.”

Watching DC in a tense stillness, Ceriden scrambled onto the bed once DC was off of it and further away. Burying his face in a pillow, Soren’s scent wrapped around him. Feeling the fear recede, he’d cling to the pillow and weep out the terror from the night.

Silently closing the door, DC would sigh. “I always pick projects don’t I?” Settling on the floor with his back against the door, DC would prepare himself for a long night.
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